Dear boss! Stop fantasizing over the negative traits of Steve Jobs.

  1. Brutal feedback, harsh and abusive nature
  2. Obsession with perfectionism
  3. Pushing people to their extreme limits
  4. Hijacking the meetings, becoming a pain in the neck for the teammates
  5. Non-collaborative mindset, going with the personal choice (gut) without listening to others
  6. Firing people over small elevator conversations

Underrated leadership lessons from Steve Jobs

1. Tolerate only “A” players

2. Disagree, do not argue

3. Crave for extreme simplicity

4. Question everything

5. Balance — logic and emotion

6. Let go of things that didn’t work

7. Let creativity thrive





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Mohammad Owaiz Shaik

Mohammad Owaiz Shaik


Hi, I’m a designer from India creating experiences to help people live better. I humanize products and services through design. Learn more at