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  • Yan Grinshtein

    Yan Grinshtein

    HCI & Accessibility Certified HX Designer, Design Leader, Speaker, Mentor, and Advisor | @ADPlist.org @JoinDesigned.org @sbootcamp @DesignLeadershipForum @CanWe

  • Megan Ng

    Megan Ng

    Life is a series of experiments and Medium is the one you’re reading about. megan.ngkp@gmail.com

  • Sabrina Majeed

    Sabrina Majeed

    Design Manager at GitHub

  • Aaron James

    Aaron James

    Sr. Product Designer at Netflix · Dad, Tech, and Movies · linktr.ee/imaaronjames

  • Arpita Dhir

    Arpita Dhir

    I’m a coffee-fuelled product designer, and psychology student aiming to impact lives with functional and inclusive design.

  • Priyanka Godbole

    Priyanka Godbole

    Product Design Manager @ Facebook

  • Productized


    Through workshops, courses and coaching, we seek to contribute to the relationship between people and their organizations to build better products. Welcome!

  • Batool Ali

    Batool Ali

    HR Specialist by Profession | Trainer by Passion.

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